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buy christian louboutin Branding Yourself Using The Basic Human Senses

When it comes to branding yourself take into account how your brand is observed by your customers five senses- what they hear, see, taste, smell and touch. These are crucial factors that help your customers shape opinions about you and what you are providing.What image are you presenting to your consumers? What message are you sending about your brand? The colors and even the logo you choose is a direct reflection of you in the mind of your customer,christian louboutin platform pumps online. Are your colors dark and unexciting or vibrant and inviting?Truth be told, reports show that colors trigger psychological responses. For example, people associate orange with warmth and energy, green with growth and money, yellow with happiness, red with excitement, black with authority, and gray with practical. Take a moment to think about what responses your brand might be triggering.What are your potential customers hearing from and about you? Your tone, your word choice,christian louboutin evening online, and even your body language when you are speaking matter. What other folks say about you speaks to your reputation,christian louboutin sale. Word of mouth travels and it might make or break your brand.Feelings play a major role, how do your buyers feel in their interactions with you? Branding yourself is about connecting and building relationships. In your interactions with your clientele you must always leave them feeling confident, secure,discount christian louboutin slingbacks uk, and pleased. Your clientele should be able to trust you and know that you are authentic.Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “put some stank on it.” Be advised, unless you are a singer… your brand should not be associated with putting stank on anything. The only scent you want your clientele to connect to you and your products are pleasant scents. Therefore, cleanliness and hygiene are essential. What (if anything) do your prospects smell when they come in contact with you,buy christian louboutin? Your fragrance is part of your brand.Not only that depending on your specific business, the way your product tastes is also a reflection of your brand. Be sure that if your products are meant to be consumed…that they taste good.When branding yourself it is crucial that you always go above and beyond the call of duty to put your best foot forward. Your brand secures your identity and is the foundation of how you are recognized and perceived by existing and customers.Remember the five human senses and how they relate with your brand.

christian louboutin sneakers outlet Qivana – Company Review and What You Need To Succeed

Many new network marketing companies start every year which begs the question is which one is right for you invest your time and energy into. Qivana is a recent upstart based out of Utah USA. In this article we will examine the company, management team, products and pay plan.First of all you can relax Qivana is not a scam,discount christian louboutin slingbacks; it is a legit company with a solid team and product line. It is fairly new and relatively unknown which can really be a plus if you are getting in early,cheap christian louboutin platform pumps sale. As with many young companies their top IBO’s say that they are headed for “momentum” which is a phenomenon where a company once in its lifetime experiences rapid accelerated growth and then tapers off. This of course is something every company aspires to achieve.Qivana ProductsQivana has two main product systems aimed at an overall health position. Their first market submission is their “Qore” system. The second system is the “Metaboliq” line.Qore has four components.1. Qore probiotic – this is the base product which is a digestive aid (acidophilus) designed to dissolve in the lower intestines where it does the most good.2,christian louboutin sneakers outlet. Qore essentials- is a cocktail of herbs that is designed to help reduce stress, increase heart health and reduce inflammation.3. Qore defence- is an immune system booster made from medicinal mushrooms (yes they are magical) and is designed to keep our overtaxed immune system functioning at proper levels.4. Qore detox- is a heavy metal cleanse that is designed to remove you guessed it heavy metals from our system to help with weight loss and enhanced liver function.Qivana’s Metaboliq system also has four components,discount christian louboutin rolando pumps uk.1. The Metaboliq Shake/stick makes up the first two. These two components are the foundation of this line up as they are a meal replacement system. Designed to balance out our blood sugars and supply our bodies with good quality protein. Both are flavoured with natural sugar substitutes.2. Metaboliq boost is a herb capsule that contains green tea extract and L-Carnitine that help accelerate the metabolism to enhance the effects of the shakes.3. Metaboliq resist- is a novel taste bud killer that temporarily interrupts our sense of sweet and can help us control our cravings.Qivana the company and managementQivana has a line up of heavy hitters on the management team that come from both the network marketing industry and pharmaceuticals.Derek Hall CEO – has a background of pharmaceuticals and has many years of management of some very large corporations.Rodney James CSO(sales)- comes from a background of Xango and Nuskin and leads up the sales and marketingDevin Glazier CFO- also coming from Xango is responsible for the pay plan and keeping the company in the blackJustin Banner- CSO(strategy)- again comes from Xango and is responsible for IBO training programs.All in all these guys have plenty of experience to run a solid company.The Qivana pay plan is a hybrid binary which means that your residual income from your down line comes from a two leg system and you are paid a commission on the sales volume of the lesser leg. This of course is to encourage you to continue building your organization.There are also other bonuses that apply if you have reached certain ranks and can really add up if you are serious business builder,discount christian louboutin pumps shoes.Qivana as a whole tends to be a traditional network marketing company that frowns upon internet marketing as a source of leads, which of course is the largest single problem that network marketers face.That is not to say that the old methods don’t have value but if you want to have more leads than time then you will need to do something a little different.