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christian louboutin platform pumps store Lia Sophia – Can You Succeed With a Direct Sales or Jewelry Marketing Opportunity-

This article will be an unbiased review of Lia Sophia, a company that provides quality fashion jewelry and an opportunity in direct sales. The success of any company always starts with an ability to offer quality products at a competitive price. And of course, the company has built a good reputation in the industry by doing just that,christian louboutin hot red sale uk. Let’s see if a direct sales opportunity with Lia Sophia might be for you.Lia Sophia is a company that has been around for more that 30 years now, and that fact does speak well for their stability. It also speaks well of the ‘brand’ that the company has established in the quality fashion jewelry industry over the years. But in this down economy there are many companies that sell high end luxury products that are suffering, and the future for the company might be a challenge.Let’s go over how you would be compensated with Lia Sophia if you chose to be a distributor. When it comes to personal sales, you would be paid from 20 to 30 percent on each. And the commissions you would be paid from ‘team sales’ would vary depending on volume.Some perks that the company offers are…1,christian louboutin shoes sale. No sales quotas2. Product discounts of 70 to 77 percent3. The company deals with all deliveries and returnsThe cost of starting a business with Lia Sophia is $149. After your payment you will receive a kit that includes $1000 worth of merchandise,christian louboutin platform pumps store. And the company does provide a ‘generic’,christian louboutin evening uk, but personalized web site for $9.95 a month.The problem I have with most direct sales or MLM opportunities is the fact that they make it extremely difficult for distributors to stand out from the crowd. There are about 28,000 people representing Lia Sophia and the competition is fierce. Every one of those reps has the same starter kit and blandly generic web site.And there a very few companies that wont ‘slap down’ any attempts to stand out from the masses and build your own personal brand. Attempting to make a website that is personalized to you is almost never allowed with any home based business opportunity, Lia Sophia included.The fact is that in this business, standing out as a leader is a must if you want to build a huge business,christian louboutin ankle boots uk. To build a healthy downline and enjoy financial freedom you need to learn how to apply a concept that the masses of reps are not being taught by their company leaders. The concept that I am speaking of is what has been termed ‘Attraction Marketing’.The problem most marketers have is that they promote their company or product first, and building their own brand is an afterthought at best. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but the leaders in this industry have reached financial freedom because they became masters of self promotion. Become a master of self promotion and you will have tremendous success.

cheap christian louboutin men shoes sale Network Marketing Companies – 90 Percent of All Network Marketers Fail

You’ve read the headline before:NINETY PERCENT OF ALL MLMers FAILGasp! Horrors! On my! (Sounding like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.)Oh come now… What’s the big deal? I’m sorry, but really: Why would this bother you?Frankly, if only 90 percent of the people who try network marketing fail, that’s great! That would mean that somewhere between five and nine times more people are succeeding in this business than almost anywhere or at anything else.Think about it:How many who set out to win a gold metal in any of the 302 events in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing will lose? All but one in each event… (in raw numbers, thousands).How many children, out of the 9,000,000-plus who entered this year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee won?How many golfers are there at the start of the PGA or The Masters? How many win?How many ideas for a brand new consumer goods product fail and never make it to market?Interesting Notes: Of those products that do make it through R&D and marketing to the manufacturing process and actually hit the shelves, 97 percent will be taken off, thrown away and no longer made in their very first year! How many of these 15,000-plus new products introduced each and every year will you try and buy?And don’t think lack of money is the problem. Many of these marvelous ideas have literally hundreds of millions of dollars behind them when they crash and burn.Ever heard of Ford’s Edsel?How about Xerox or Exxon computers? (Did you know Xerox “invented” the mouse, desktop and icons? Still failed.)Or, toy-giant Ideal, who back when I was 10 (in 1958) had the absurd bad taste to introduce a Christ-child doll at Christmas!Or, Premiere “smokeless” cigarettes from R,cheap christian louboutin sneakers sale.J. Reynolds, who invested five years and hundreds of millions on its R&D.Or, General Motors’ Chevrolet Nova, which didn’t do so well in Mexico where they planned to sell huge numbers, simply because in Spanish the word “nova,” means “won’t go”.Or, chewable toothpaste…Everywhere you look, there are lots of failures–lots!And lots of things that eventually succeeded were failures at first.Bizet’s universally beloved opera, Carmen, was an opening night flop. The Celestine Prophecy, was a dust-covered paper-back for a year before becoming a runaway, hard cover best-seller.As for products, there’s a veritable gold mine of failed-first, but-look-at-me-now success stories. In his delightful (especially if you enjoy irony) book, Getting It Right the Second Time, Michael Gersham tells the story of 49 initial product failures that are now some of marketing’s greatest success stories. For example:Kleenex bombed at first,christian louboutin platform pumps store. It was marketed by Kimberly-Clark after World War I. They were a newsprint/wrapping paper company with warehouses full of “Cellucotton”–a medical dressing replacement used during the war. Only when some smart chap in marketing discovered, “Hey, you can blow your nose on this stuff and then just throw it away…” did the product become successful.Jell-O failed, too, at first. For years it was a “dog,” and the brand was sold for only $450.Pepsi went bankrupt. So did Walt Disney–five times!Look, the predominant physical force on Earth is gravity, and it’s always pulling us down. 95 percent of everybody everywhere doing anything aren’t really cutting it. They certainly are not “winning”. As already asked, so what’s the big deal?Just What Is “Failure” Anyway? Show it to me. Go ahead, show us “failure”.Failure is a word, specifically a noun kind of word, which means it is referring to a person, place or thing (none of which a failure is), or a state.Ahhh… the great state of failure (must be just east of New Jersey),cheap christian louboutin men shoes sale, based on the verb; to fail, which means: to fall short of success in something expected, attempted, desired…And who, pray tell, is the God-like expert who decrees such a falling short of success has just taken place?A one and only not-so-omnipotent–yet when it comes to failure, always omnipresent–being, that Master expector, attempter, and desirer… YOU!You–and only you–create the state or quality of failure. And you create it just because you say so. strong>True, there is a state of failure, but you are–at the very worst–only a tourist there on a brief visit,christian louboutin pumps sale. Heck, most times you’re just flying over or driving through. And you are the only authority on Earth who declares that you are or are not in failure. (Think about that… please.)Failure and its inseparable partner success, are the proverbial two sides of the day-and-night like coin. Can’t have one without the other. Take away failure, no success either. And which one dominates at any given point in time does so simply because you say so.Btw, ever hear Guy Kawsaki’s great line: “Failure is not an option. It’s a requirement!”In Should You Quit Before You’re Fired? author Paul Zane Pilzer tells the story of a father secretly watching his little boy throwing a baseball up in the air with one hand, then swinging his bat to hit it as the ball fell back down. The youngster missed… missed again… and then missed the third time… spinning around and falling down on the ground while shouting, “Strike three. You’re out!”The man rushed to help his son up, trying to hide the disappointment he felt at his son’s failure, only to have the boy say,christian louboutin rolando pumps…”So, what do you think? Not bad for a pitcher, huh, Dad?”Failure and Success are states of mindThey exist only because you say so–either out loud or to your self.And you can always choose what you say–either out loud or to your self.”90 Percent of All Network Marketers Fail”.Really… Okay, if you say so.

christian louboutin boots What is the Best MLM Company to Suit Your Lifestyle-

I have written this article to reveal the single most important question that you really have to ask your self as you go through the process of determining which will be your best MLM Company,christian louboutin slingbacks sale.When simply looking at the products or services on offer, would you be buying them from this company without the attached “business opportunity”If you can not honestly say yes to that question, then I suggest that this is not the best MLM Company for you,christian louboutin men shoes store.Here are the 2 reasons why this question is so important:To begin with, you will have little to no credibility with your prospects for both the products and services or the business opportunity if you are not actively using them your self,christian louboutin online.And Secondly, If you are not committed to the products or services, you will find it difficult to sell with conviction. Your prospects will easily see that you are not really into it.But don’t despair, its not all bad news if your answer was No. Remember this article is all about helping you make a good decision about what is the best MLM Company for you.When I last checked, I had discovered some 683 MLM companies out there. So there are plenty to choose from. With that in mind I have added some other criteria to assist you to make smart decisions with out wasting too much time.Here are Some things to steer clear of as soon as you see them;Free to join MLM Companies from an income potential point of view are generally worth the entry fee, NIL,christian louboutin platform pumps store! Take a good and very critical look at the compensation set up first and walk away if you have any doubts.If someone is pressuring or hassling you to join – Don’t deal with them. If you are however very keen to get involved, find an alternative person that you feel comfortable with and join their team.Watch out for Government grants. Some Companies have grants that may be helping with research and or development. Beware, if that funding is withdrawn, you may not have anything to sell. Those funds can be withdrawn too easily.Don’t lose sight of my proposition. Make sure you can commit to the long term use of what the company is all about, its products.This is the question you must keep in mind at all times, and if at any stage you feel the answer is no then move on. Your choice of the Best MLM Company should always revolve around you and your commitment to to its goods and services,christian louboutin boots.I wish you all the best, keep these few questions at the front of your thoughts, don’t get caught up in the hype and I am sure you will discover YOUR best MLM Company.

cheap christian louboutin flats shoes sale Secret Tips on Creating a Successful Blog

Your goal as a blogger is to provide information that your readers will find useful and to keep your blog updated on a regular basis,cheap christian louboutin flats shoes sale. There are numerous rules and plans that are essential in creating a blog that will be popular,discount christian louboutin men shoes. There are many strategies and techniques available online that will help your blog stand out from all of the rest in your genre. One of the easiest to learn is to always use main keywords in you URL,cheap christian louboutin mary jane pumps.One of the great things about having a blog is having the ability to focus on different keywords using posts. A great program to use is WordPress which allows the blogger to define custom URL’s which provides a more focused spotlight on whatever your Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) Keywords happen to be. One important tip is to always have a unique title for your blog, but keeping in mind that the blog title also has a purpose to SEO’s.As you become more comfortable blogging, you should sometimes try to create an article that will overshadow other posts. Try to write about a well received topic that you would think would be well searched online. Creating links to the space next to each post is another strategy that can be used. Keywords can be great for drawing attention to reader. Another great idea to attract visitors to your blog is by simply choosing popular topics and offering a different take on them.For blogs that already exist, just adding some new information (even if it’s just a line or two) can breathe new life into a blog that may have some posts that hadn’t been updated in a while. One strategy that is commonly used is to bundle multiple posts on one subject in a PDF file and basically give it to others free of charge,christian louboutin hot red stores. This is a good way to build a contact list. Your content must be unique only to you, this prevents the appearance of copying someone else’s work which could be easy to do as a lot of times you will be writing about things that are already on other websites.If you’re the creative type, you don’t want the same content over and over, that can get boring after while. What you can do is: combine Images, videos and text to your post which will keep readers coming back again and again. Always try to compare your blogs with what other bloggers are writing by visiting their sites. You can make your blog popular by learning all of the techniques and strategy available and leveraging that knowledge into social media,christian louboutin platform pumps stores.

christian louboutin hot red How to Persuade Someone to Get Into Your Home Business Network Marketing Opportunity

,christian louboutin daffodil stores

After being in the network marketing business for a couple of years now I have always heard the question on how to persuade someone to get into your home business network marketing opportunity,christian louboutin hot red. More people want to recruit others into their organization but don’t know how. They believe that trying to persuade someone to get into your team is the best way to do it. I can honestly say that this is not the case.When you try to persuade someone you’re trying to sell them. And of course network marketing is about selling your products or services but you do not want to try to sell someone to joining opportunity. Why?The simply reason is because they are not serious about coming into the business,christian louboutin platform pumps store. You should not need to convince someone to join you,christian louboutin wedges outlet, they should convince themselves. That’s why I strongly believe you should only be targeting people who are serious about starting a home based business.If you put yourself in the position of need and start to beg them to join your opportunity because you feel you have the best compensation plan, the best structure or the best product or service then you’re really putting yourself in a bad position.You never want to make yourself seem like you desperately need anyone because your prospect will realize that right off the bat,cheap christian louboutin rolando pumps.There are so many other people out there that are looking for something that you’re wasting your time trying to persuade someone to get involved with you. I remember trying to persuade my family and friends and thankfully I stopped doing that because if I would have continued my business would have gone nowhere.Stop trying to persuade others to join your opportunity because it is not the way to go about things. Instead focus your efforts on people who already understand the message and understand the concept of network marketing.

christian louboutin mary jane pumps stores Network Marketing Income Secrets – How Hard is it to Become Successful Online-

It hard to become successful online? I’m sure that is a question that has been haunting your mind for very long time because it went on in my head many times when I was trying to market on the Internet and got zero sales,christian louboutin evening uk. This is especially true when reading about network marketing income secrets. It seems like a select few people know what most people want to know when it comes to recruiting more distributors into their organizations.If you find yourself in that situation that’s fine.After some time on the Internet I realized one thing… you will never have success until you bring high quality traffic to your website every single day. Now you can have the best looking website with the fanciest graphics, and you will never make a single dollar if you don’t bring the right customers to you,christian louboutin flats. A lot of people focus on the little things and to be quite honest they don’t really matter.So is it going to be hard for you to be successful? Sure there will be many hard times but if you are committed you will get over the hump. Do you think that the people who are making tons of money online got there with little to no struggle?They probably had more struggle then you or I combine so most of them deserve to be where they are today. Instead of looking at them with anger you should look at them as inspiration for you to get what you want with whatever business you’re promoting,christian louboutin mary jane pumps stores.Let me tell you this though if you continue to learn how to market your business on the Internet day in and day out you will make a network marketing income in a matter of time,christian louboutin evening online… trust me,christian louboutin platform pumps store.

christian louboutin flats sale Are You Looking For a Suitable Home Business Opportunity-

You may have a lot of reasons to search for legitimate home business opportunities on the internet. For instance,christian louboutin flats sale, you are perhaps not happy with your current occupation or working situation, or you do too many hours for too little pay, having a long commute each and every day, being away from your family. There can be several reasons. Why not take your life back, and start working from home.Regardless what your reasons may be, rest assured that there will be many different home based business opportunities to find, in many different areas,uk christian louboutin mary jane pumps. The best place to look for an opportunity is naturally on the internet. Just go to your favorite search engine and plug in the words “home based business”,discount christian louboutin black pumps, and start researching. You will find many different opportunities that you haven’t probably even thought of before.You should keep in mind that when you are out there looking for the perfect opportunity that you choose something you are interested in, and preferably something you know little about already. It will be much easier to do more research,uk christian louboutin pumps, when you know something about the business you are working. Also, be sure to choose an opportunity that is legit. That way you will be sure that you get paid. There are too many scams out there, so be careful. Don’t give out your personal information, and never invest any money in something you haven’t researched. Marketing forums and search engines are great help in your research.It will help, if you choose a business opportunity that has something to do with what you have done previously. The competition is fierce, no matter how small your business is. There is a market for everything on the internet, no matter what it may be, so you must market your website so people will be able to find you. Remember that this is a business,christian louboutin platform pumps stores, so you must treat it as one. It takes a lot of hard work to become successful. Many people has done it. If you treat your business as a hobby, it will remain a hobby and you will perhaps not make any money at all.If you keep these things in mind you will find that the best small home based business opportunity is probably just there, waiting on your doorstep.

cheap christian louboutin boots sale What 3 Things Do You Need When Starting a Daycare

We’ve all got ideas as to what you would need in starting your own daycare center, but I bet your think about furniture, craft items, activities you could do with your newly enrolled children. But wait a second, what is really important when starting a daycare center. Is it the furniture, or the things you’ve got sitting around? Let’s evaluate this for a minute and find out what’s so important.First of all in my perspective one of the most important things that you will need in starting a daycare is the absolute love for children. If you don’t have this from the start you’ll have problems. Daycare is all about the kids,christian louboutin rolando pumps stores, and you’ve got to love them even if their not yours. Case closed,christian louboutin platform pumps store.Second, you’ve got to be able to run your own show, and not have anyone there to tell you what to do,christian louboutin wedges cheap. Running your own daycare means you’re on your own.Third, you need to have a curriculum based program,cheap christian louboutin boots sale. Parent’s want to see that their children are being taught and are growing. Don’t even think about putting them in front of a T.V. for more than one hour,cheap christian louboutin shoes uk, it will hurt your reputation and the future of your daycare business.The three above mentioned are so important in establishing the basic’s of your new daycare center. If anyone of those is missing than you will have continued problems in enrolling children and having a quality program with a good reputation.(c) 2007 CG Groth Inc.

christian louboutin outlet Work From Home Moms – The 24 Hour Woman

A mother has many tasks to perform during the day. She has to cook, feed the family,christian louboutin rolando pumps stores, clean the house, do the laundry, help with homework, then start the process all over again. How on earth could there be time for anything else. A mom has an inner sense built into her, that allows her to be able to accomplish all these daily tasks. She knows how to juggle and prioritize without losing any sleep.When my oldest son was 6 years old, I left my 9 to 5 job and became a work from home mom. I started a typesetting business that grew in leaps and bounds. Some of my customers were churches, city council members,cheap christian louboutin hot red, schools and print shops. I still had to do all my household chores. To name a few, take care of 2 sons, a 6 years old and newborn, also a husband, and meet my customer or business deadlines. Every day I had to take my baby boy on customer related pickup and delivery errands. If they were late deliveries, I had to take both boys. Fortunately, all of my customers were understanding, and even had their secretary watch the boys while I conducted business,discount christian louboutin hot red.There were many 24 hour nights, not just business related, but sick related. My 6 year old had chronic asthma and we spent many nights in the emergency room,christian louboutin platform pumps stores.Actually, through all the care, love and insight that our children inherited from us, they decided to start their own business at an early age. Mark my youngest son became a power seller on eBay at age 13. Tyrone started his own cookie business at age 16. The cookie business grew so fast that the clientele was more than a 16 year old could handle.After so many years in the typesetting business, my clientele started purchasing their own computers. They no longer had a need for an outside typesetter. My income started to drop on a daily basis,christian louboutin outlet. One week while vacationing in California, I ran into some friends that introduced me to a network marketing business. My life has not been the same since. I have obtained so much knowledge by listening to the tapes of Robert Blackman training on Network Marketing. I now have a new perspective, a new insight and outlook, and a new profession. It is never too late to change.I remember a phrase that was quoted by the great professional tennis player Arthur Ashe, Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.

christian louboutin boots outlet 11 Principals of Network Marketing That Always Work

Network marketing works. The industry has nothing to prove in that regard. Network marketing is that it has created wealth and freedom for thousands and thousands of people for over 50 years. The truth is that what has worked for thousands and thousands of people will work for you.The caveat is that you must obey the laws of network marketing,cheap christian louboutin shoes uk. As Jim Rohn says, “success leaves clues”. You cannot violate the laws of network marketing and succeed any more than you can change the laws of gravity. If you have a poorly paying company (one in which the upline makes more off of your personal efforts than you make off of your personal efforts) then you must work the laws more diligently and tough it out longer than someone in a well paying company.These are universal laws. They are true regardless of the company you are affiliated with. Obey them, understand them, and you will build a financial legacy for your family.1) You must be committed to your dreams and goals. We are not talking about “fingers-crossed-wishing”. We are talking that unshakable, gut level determination. If you don’t have this, if you are just “hoping” this will work, don’t even get started. No successful person starts a business on a whim, or with a mere fantasy.2) You must learn communication and people skills. This is a people and leadership development business. Understand people and you will understand network marketing. There is NO system that replaces people completely. Learn the personality colors or styles. Learn the art of active listening. Understand human behavior. Every wealthy person knows how people think. Every successful network marketer that I know or have trained under, is a master of understanding people and behavior.3) You must be accountable to your mentor or upline. It’s amazing how this little thing matters. People who are dead serious about achievement in any endeavor are also serious about accountability,christian louboutin platform pumps store. You must have someone who can hold your feet to the fire,encourage you when things go wrong and keep you on track. Can you imagine any Gold Medal Olympic athlete who was not accountable to their coach, or who didn’t log their practice hours,christian louboutin mary jane pumps uk?4) You must prospect in sufficient quantity to match your dreams and income goals.If you are buying leads for your business, then plan on 500-1,000 leads a month. Running ads? Run at least 5 ads/month. Making cold calls? You need at least 50 a week. Online advertising,christian louboutin boots outlet? You must have a system of advertising that is driving at least 100-200 hits a day to your capture page. One marketer I know of spends at least $2000/month in pay-per-click advertising alone. Working your warm market? You need to create a list of at least 200 people. The people who don’t prospect enough don’t make it.5) You must prospect consistently. Not just on Tuesdays. You must prospect consistently 5 days a week. If you don’t have the time, then you make up the difference in advertising that drives people to your capture page. Prospecting like crazy for a week then doing nothing for the next 3 weeks is worthless.6) You must understand that network marketing is a business of sorting and timing, not convincing or hard-selling. Sorting for those for whom this is the right thing to be doing right now. Pressuring people creates a bad image for our industry. Trying to make a networker out of someone who doesn’t like people is a waste of time. That’s why your trainer says “find people” instead of “create people”.The sorting in our business is constant. First you sort through leads for serious prospects. Then you sort through the serious prospects for those who will join,christian louboutin evening uk. From those that join, you sort for those who are coachable. Out of the coachable you sort through those who are resilient and who are making things happen. Out of those you sort for your star achievers and key leaders.That’s how it works in sports teams and network marketing is no different.7) You must be resilient. Your prospects are not there to meet your need to be liked. Sort through prospects. Develop relationships with those who are interested. Create deep relationships with those people in your organization that you can. Not everyone is willing. Remember this business is about those who WILL not those who WON’T.8) You must understand that you will have distributors that quit. Do everything you can to lower attrition. However, that won’t change the people who quit on themselves. Every great leader in history lost people for one reason or another. It’s human nature. Prepare for it. Prospect enough so that your business can absorb the turnover. The moral of The Parable of the Sower (Bible – New Testament) is that most people WON’T stay for whatever reason. It’s not your fault. Focus on those that DO and stay. Those stay will create a magnificent harvest for themselves and for you.9) This is a business of compound interest. Instead of compounding money, network marketing compounds people. It often starts slowly. Keep at it. It will build and compound. Those that understand that residual income is the result of compounding will create lifelong organizations and the “walk-away income” that made network marketing such a fabulous wealth vehicle.10) Hang on tight to your dream, have a lose hold on the rest. Systems can change,compensation plans change, product lines change, methods of marketing change. The fundamental principles of network marketing are eternal.Remain steadfast in your passion and determination to achieve your dreams through this unlimited industry. Make adjustments to your methods as the situation warrants it.11) Never, Never, Never quit. Most people quit before the compounding starts. Big mistake. Apply the eternal principals, build your skills, stay focused, choose the right company, sort through enough people, and build with those who are willing. This works.