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cheap christian louboutin 2012 MLM Business – How to Grow a Successful Business From Scratch

At the start of your MLM business, you have nothing more than just your enthusiasm. It is essential to use it, but you have to plan your operations and every move in order to make things work,cheap christian louboutin wedges. You have to focus on developing two main areas of your MLM business – product and entrepreneurial opportunity. Then, you can devise the actual operations.Focus on the product first.Your sales will be your main source of revenue. More importantly, your product is a key factor that will attract MLM leads to join your marketing network. That is why you need to learn everything about your product. You have to know its key features by heart. You have to be able to point out at least five benefits from using the product.You should be prepared to talk about its advantages as well. Do your homework and research the competition. What makes your product stand out? It is the quality, the price or some other factor? Does your product have any unique features? It is important to identify your target marketing group as well. Basically, you need to ask yourself who will buy your product. Make a profile of the ideal customer. Think of gender, age, family status, lifestyle and interests.Develop your own MLM business opportunity.Apart from selling the product, you will have to attract people to join your multi level marketing network. In order to develop this line of your MLM business, you will need to make it an irresistible entrepreneurial opportunity. Devise the structure of your network, if it is not determined by the company you are working for already. It is essential for the structure to be pyramidal.In this way, you will be able to attract more people more quickly, as they will be competing for taking the fewer higher positions. Furthermore, you will provide motivation for a competitive start,christian louboutin mary jane pumps sale. Come up with approximations of the profits that the leads can make, if they join,cheap christian louboutin daffodil. Offer other attractive features, such as a ready multi level marketing system and/or training.Promotion is your key to success. Use it effectively.The MLM business involves mostly work from home. You do not have a store or an office, in which to present your product and entrepreneurial opportunity. That is why you have to promote both of them as actively as possible. This is crucial for growth and expansion. I strongly recommend focusing on indirect promotion. This will allow you to make personal contacts more easily and quickly.There are a variety of effective methods for promotion, such as giving out brochures, posting ads in newspapers and developing your own website,cheap christian louboutin 2012. The latter method is an absolute must for fast growth. It is equally valuable for you to use direct promotion, even though you might want to adopt this method at a smaller scale.One of the best ways to have a direct contact with prospects is to organize short presentations or seminars. You can rent a place to do it. You can also have one-on-one presentations online.Make sure you manage your organization effectively.Effective management is crucial for the expansion of an MLM business. As a start, you have to focus on managing your costs. Decide how much you can invest in developing your product marketing,discount christian louboutin wedges, entrepreneurial opportunity and their promotion. Try to make an estimate of how much you can earn. In fact, it is a great idea to set target goals that are realistic.Then you can prepare an accurate estimate of profits and come up with a working budget for your MLM business. Focus on promotion and marketing management as well. It is essential to devise a complete strategy and to follow it. Your main aim is to reach and keep an effective level of promotion that produces the desired results and profits.Network management is another essential aspect you need to work on. You have to keep records of everyone in your downline. Track their progress. Monitor their performance. You have to be ready to step in whenever someone loses motivation or makes a mistake.This is how you can grow your MLM business. You need strategy, determination and perseverance. More importantly, you need to keep learning in order to progress. Naturally you realize you become excited about learning more and the more you think about it the more you want to learn.

christian louboutin sneakers uk Really Automate Your MLM Home Based Business

An MLM home based business makes use of the web as an effective tool in selling an entrepreneur’s merchandise. Your business’s web connection takes the role of a 24-hour salesman who can make proper representations in behalf of the online venture. More than a million people from all parts of the world visit the web hence you should aim for the possibilities of taking a fair share of those visitor’s as your customer. Fully automating your MLM home based business will surely contribute in achieving your income earning objectives.Automation Features -Automation features if incorporated in your business operation takes the place of full-time employees that a company usually requires. Home internet marketing is a way of generating income by spending only a part of your time thus the use of automatic systems will render continuous services even in your absence.Autoresponders -Autoresponders are used as a means of automatically projecting your brands and pre-set messages to your web visitors. Should a potential customer need some form of a report you can trust your autoresponder to perform the task. This automation system may also take a modified form of being a multiple message autoresponder. There are instances when you may need to raise your selling price on a specific product at a predetermined date. You can utilize an automation system with a multiple messaging capacity to send pre-set messages on a pre-set date,christian louboutin sneakers sale uk, containing information about price increments. The performance of this automation features can be tracked by monitoring charts and graphs during times that the web is mostly visited.Mailing List Autoresponders -Compiling a mailing list is also a feature that renders an autoresponder as a versatile tool,christian louboutin sneakers uk. An essential portion of your website provides a section for consumers to post frequently asked questions. Automatic responses can divert some of these inquiries away from your page, hence allowing you more time to post your email replies.Affiliate Marketing -Creating an affiliate market for your MLM home based business is a way of automatically advertising your product. This works as a mutual agreement between your site and another website to post advertisements on each other’s web pages. The more ads you can put out on your website the more credits you have of being seen on other sites,cheap christian louboutin daffodil. Although free versions of this service can be useful an upgraded version which may require a minimum fee can send a potential customer directly to your web page,christian louboutin outlet.Ad Campaigns -Whatever ad campaigns you decide on for your MLM home based business make it a point to keep it short but definitely interesting,christian louboutin hot red online. The use of a well presented resource box will also come into focus here. An affiliate may feature your product as a subject of an article and the addition of your resource box will lead the reader to your website for more details.Part of the advantages in engaging on a web based business is being there only half of the time. Really automating your MLM home based business is a means of realizing the benefits of making transaction deals online.

discount christian louboutin sneakers uk MLM Is The Career Change Choice For Professionals

A career change can be a scary thought for many, especially those professionals in a specialty field. There are so many things to think about when deciding what the right career change is for you.Why would you even consider changing careers at this stage in your life? The answer is quite simply put, CHANGE. We all reach a certain point in our lives, when we ask ourselves,christian louboutin wedges sale uk, is this it?To a certain degree you are a slave to your career choice. It took you a great deal of time to get to where you are, with many sacrifices along the way. The money and possessions are rewarding, but what have you given up to get them? For some it has been health and for others it was family, but for all it was TIME.Money and possessions can be replaced or attained again,uk christian louboutin flats. Time is something that can never be replaced. How many little league ball games or dance recitals were missed because you just couldn’t get away?Thousands of professionals such as yourself are taking back their lives and joining the millions around the world and jumping into what is known as MLM or Network Marketing.Why?- Work from comfort of your own home.- Set your own hours,uk christian louboutin black pumps.- Vacation when you want to and not when it fits into companies schedule.- Surround yourself with positive up-beat people.- Ability to build a global business and meet new interesting people around the globe.- The ability to replace your current careers income in half the time,cheap christian louboutin daffodil.- Take control of life’s most precious commodity…TIME.- There are systems in place that help everyone achieve their goals.- A true team environment.- Personal growth beyond your wildest dreams.The majority of people are skeptical when first hearing about this industry, but once they truly experience some or all of the above, they wonder what took them so long to get involved.Is it a perfect industry? The simple answer to that is no,discount christian louboutin sneakers uk. Like anything there are individuals out there that love to exploit the uninformed. There are certain criteria that you are looking for when choosing the right company venture. There are questions you have to ask yourself on what type of company you would like to promote.This industry may or may not be for you, but the fact that you are reading this tells me that you are looking for something. I wish you great success.

discount christian louboutin daffodil How To Pick A Home Based Business For You

Are you considering starting a home based business? This article will provide you with honest information that will enable you to pick a business opportunity that’s right for you.If you’re thinking about getting started a business from home you’re not alone. In this economy many people are turning to this industry to replace jobs that they lost,christian louboutin sneakers outlet, provide more income for their families or achieve a better standard of living.The first questions that you need to ask yourself when thinking about starting a home based business are: What do you like to do? What are you interested in? What are you passionate about? The reason why you should ask these questions is because many people are lured into starting businesses that have nothing to do with what they are interested in and their businesses ultimately fail because they didn’t have the drive or passion to keep their businesses going.If you love what you do and are passionate about your business your business won’t seem like work at all and it will fun working on it instead of it becoming a chore to you,christian louboutin wedges.The next question you need to ask yourself is are you thinking about a from home business just to make money? Every business has to make money but money shouldn’t be the only reason why you’re starting your business. Your ‘why’ should be something tangible like you’re starting one to provide a better lifestyle for your family or provide for your children’s education, take a dream vacation every year, buy a new car etc.With these questions answered you should start your search by doing some research online. Use your favorite search engine, type in the word home based business and see what search results come up. Remember to find a business that offers a product or service that you have some level of experience with or passion for because if you love your business you won’t have any problem talking with people about the products or services that you have to offer.Once you find several interesting home business opportunities take your research a step further by researching the business opportunity online with the Better Business Bureau to see if it’s a legitimate opportunity or not. After you do your research with the BBB the next step is to type in the name of the business opportunity or company name into your search engine and see what search results come up.When you search under the company or product name the search results on page one will show you what feedback there is on that opportunity. You should also look for message boards,christian louboutin mary jane pumps stores, forums or any type of website with comments on the opportunity that you’re in. A word of word of warning though, many online marketers will use the word scam when doing pay per click advertising or keyword optimization for their websites so be prepared to see the word scam next to the business name or product that you’re searching on even if the home business you’re interested in is a scam or not.As you’re searching for the right opportunity you should also look out for false income statements like: “My system makes me $100,000 per month” if you see an income statement that looks suspicious like this, be on your guard and also be prepared to ask for proof or verification that the income claim is real or fake. Many people get suckered into bogus income or business opportunities thanks to false income claims and the hype that comes with them. If you do your due diligence you won’t lose money.After you’ve found several prospects for you to investigate further the next thing you should look for is does the business you’re investigating have an actual physical product or not? The reason why it’s important to have a physical product is because it’s easier to grow a business if you have a real product that people can actually use and re-order regularly.Many opportunities are classic pyramid schemes that offer no value at all other than income to the person who recruits you into the ‘opportunity’ and as with all pyramid schemes the only people who make money are those who get into the pyramid scheme at the very beginning. A lot of the income opportunities online today will offer a bundle of e-books and software if you invest but what you’re getting is usually out dated information that won’t work today.Once you’ve found a home based business opportunity that has you excited the next questions to ask are: how much does it cost to get started,discount christian louboutin daffodil? Are there any reoccurring monthly fees to stay active in the business? Does the company offer any training or support? How long will it take you to recoup your investment in the business?Before you invest in the business the most important question you need to ask is will you have to do any selling? It’s important to ask this question because if you’ve never sold anything before in your life and you get into a home based business where you will have to make sales you’re going to have problems.Selling is not hard at all and anyone can start making sales even if they have no experience in the very beginning. If you don’t have any sales experience you should go to your favorite bookstore or check online for “how to” books that will teach you how to sell,cheap christian louboutin daffodil. You should also make sure that the home based business opportunity that you’re going to invest in offers some sort of sales training or quick start guide that you can follow to quickly start making money in your business.

christian louboutin wedges outlet Is Bellamora Really The New Fountain of Youth- – A Complete Review

So what is Bellamora International Group all about and is this really the new fountain of youth that everyone is calming it to be. Well if you landed on my website today chances are you are researching for some information or about this new start-up MLM company.Right now there is a lot of buzz in the air about this company. One of the main reasons for all of this buzz is because of the revolutionary products. Bellamora has a skin care line that is doing some amazing things to people skin.Bruce Miller, a renowned doctor, discovered the powerful Bellamora formulation by accident over 20 years ago. It just so happens while combining several chemicals together to create a treatment for skin viruses he discovered a new burn cream formula,cheap christian louboutin sneakers.Mr. Miller and a retired Johnson and Johnson chemist have been improving this cream for the last 24 years with over 8 million dollars of research and development,christian louboutin men shoes sale uk. It is a patented formula in the United States. In 2005 Dr Miller had a accident and was burned severely bad,christian louboutin daffodil sale. He suffered from 1st, 2nd and third degree burns and was in critical condition.He intimately put the cream on his skin before he was rushed to the hospital. What’s so amazing about this story is that in 15 days from the time the accident happen, Dr. Miller showed no signs of ever begin burned. Here’s what all that mean to you! Bellamora has a transdermal effect in it’s patent formula that is proven to penetrate deep into several layers of your skin eliminating pain and heal severely burned skin.Using this patent formula, other skin formulations like collagen, vitamins, anti oxidants, and moisturizers can transport deep into several layers of your skin. When this happens unwanted scars and blemishes will be removed permanently from your skin. Your skin will stay moist, smooth, wrinkle free, and beautiful in appearance.With Consumers spending over 300 billion dollars a year taking care of their skin it’s no wonder why this company is being called the new fountain of youth. It’s clearly they have a product that is easy to consume and has exceptional value in the retail market.Now I don’t want to sound to hyper like I’m pumping this company up to be something it’s not because I’ve seen a lot of companies come and go in this industry. Being able to trust the founders of the company and trust the leadership is very important if you decide to join this company or use their products.The founders and Leaders of Bellamora really have to be reachable and have integrity. Ed Ayala Co-Founder and CEO of has made millions in this industry before joining forces with Bellamora. He was a key player in assisting Primerica in achieving the coveted billion dollar status.So not only does he have the knowledge, he’s reachable and has integrity,christian louboutin wedges outlet. Mr. Ayala has actually work in the trenches in his previous career as the number one recruiter for several years as a top money earner at primerica while at the same time help create thousands of success stories in that company. The management team is solid and definitely want to see their people maximize their potential and fulfill their dreams,cheap christian louboutin daffodil.When it comes to compensation and getting seriously paid, Bellamora is really setting their self’s apart from the competition. Rod Cook who is a 40 year veteran in Network Marketing invented the compensation plan giving the distributor 10 different ways to earn income.I’ve been in this industry for over 10 years and let me tell you I’ve never seen a company put so much at stake up front. They are so confident in their products that they are willing to let you join the company and try the products free of charge. Now that’s some serious business!They are calling it the free launch. If you are looking for an opportunity to start over fresh and get in on the ground floor of something that has the potential to grow into a billion dollar giant within the next few years then look no further. With absolutely no risk involved you have a chance right now to be part of history… I’m just saying.In Conclusion I think that this company will shake up the Network Marketing Industry and right now could not be a better time to join. But there is One major factor before joining Bellamora or any Network Marketing company and that is how will you get the word out about your opportunity.Well don’t worry about that because we got you covered! We have one of the fastest growing teams in the company and we will teach you everything from offline to online marketing strategies to help you reach your goals and dreams.

christian louboutin mary jane pumps sale Free Advertising for Home Business Part 2-5

,discount christian louboutin wedges uk

In the first article in this short series, we talked about using other people’s blogs to advertise your home business. But you can go further than using somebody else’s blog – you can start your own and that is what we will explore in this article.BENEFITS OF YOUR OWN BUSINESS BLOGSearch engines will allow your prospects to find your blog – and thus to find you.You can use your blog for the release of company information in an informal context that encourages people to ask questions and make comments. Those comments can be valuable consumer feedback which you can get free while other companies are paying research firms a small fortune. Done right, you can get some of the marketplace intelligence you need for free by offering a blog and inviting comments and questions.Even though public comments are invited at your blog, you can retain full control over which posts are actually made public and which ones are deleted,discount christian louboutin sandals. This is done through the fact that you can turn on a moderation function, allowing you to moderate (approve) every post before it appears publicly,cheap christian louboutin daffodil.YOUR BLOG AS A SELLING TOOLAnother benefit of using a blog for your company (or for each individual product for that matter) is that you are connecting directly with your target market,christian louboutin mary jane pumps sale. Think about it. The folks who visit your company’s forum are already interested in you and your products. It makes the task of converting those people into customers easier than starting from scratch via paid advertising or whatever other promotional means you use.In Part 3 of “Free Advertising for Home Business”, we talk about piggybacking on some of the most successful internet marketing sites around,christian louboutin online.

cheap christian louboutin daffodil Follow These Simple Yet Effective Strategies To Attract A Ton Of New Prospects To Your Business

Marketing your online business is like a whole new dimension,cheap christian louboutin ankle boots. Many entrepreneurs and Network Marketers think that all they need to do is explain to their friends and family their amazing opportunity and the business will sell itself. I mean hey, our friends and family love us and want to support us, right? Well, in some instances that is completely accurate, your business can market itself; nonetheless, you need to be make an effort to promoting your opportunity to help keep bringing in new leads. Marketing your business efficiently and on purpose is the way to make your business thrive. Learning to market correctly can take your business from the bottom to the top, very fast.Increase the value of Your BusinessAre you currently selling something that actually makes sense? Don’t forget, your business is solely as good as your product. The more worth your product has in your industry, then the better that product will sell,christian louboutin ankle boots store. This is extremely important if you’re in network marketing. Value also means that you’re selling a product that you would use yourself. People see the sincerity in your business and in your product.Don’t be worried to allow people the ability to sample your product for free, giving them the opportunity to really like it. This is a huge way to market your product effectively. Always have samples on hand or offer or a gift with purchase. After prospects recognize what you have to offer, they will be wanting more,cheap christian louboutin daffodil.Utilize Social Media to Your AdvantagePeople who own small businesses or take part in network marketing do not take social media very seriously. Social media is one way to market your opportunity successfully. There’s Facebook,discount christian louboutin 2012, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to help you get the word out. The secret to social media is trying to understand the way to run it properly. People do not want to be spammed with your information,christian louboutin 2012 stores, but they do want to know how they can use it in their lives. You must build trust and relationships before you start promoting what you have to offer. Some businesses spend millions on advertisements trying to get people to buy their product, you don’t have to. The potential clients that you want to attract are the leaders that are eager to join and or buy, and not be turned off by your marketing tactics.Branch OutMarketing effectually includes branching out of your little circle. If you’re prospecting for your network marketing business, then you probably spend considerable time talking to the same people over and over trying to sell them the same opportunity continuously. Believe me, there are more people to market your service or business to then the 50-100 people you may know. Branch out and network to new people and see how effective that is for your promoting what you have. Join a business networking group, place an ad in your local paper or in a free online classified ad. These are great and inexpensive ways to get product or company exposure.Give Your Leads Something to Talk AboutMarketing is a lot bigger than you might realize. Marketing is applying any tool you possibly can to expose your business to individuals who may be interested. Customer service is one of those essential tools. The better your customer service skills are, then the more people are going to talk about you (in a positive way). For example, 500 people could be selling your same product or opportunity, but that client will keep returning to you if you provide them with a reason to. Do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd and go that extra mile for your prospect.Marketing is KeyAs I said before, marketing is more important than you might fully grasp when it comes to your business. It’s not something that you can just set aside and hope it works out for the best. Get focused on promoting, have a strategy and marketing will become an effective tool for your business. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to promoting your opportunity and your products effectively. And as always, remember to have fun!

cheap christian louboutin daffodil Xooma Sponsoring Secrets – Leave Your Friends And Family Out Of Xooma

Whether you have invested in Xooma and became a distributor or you are thinking of becoming one this article is going to be very valuable to you because I am going to reveal to you what it takes to build a Xooma business at a fast rate,cheap christian louboutin daffodil.I will also take it a step further by giving you access to the best training on the planet for building a Xooma business without ever having to hassle your friends and family.So let’s get straight into it, Firstly you must know in order to make a lot of money with a Xooma business you need to sell a lot of products and also sponsor new people into the business so you can then collect a commission of their efforts.I think it is safe to say that the real potential to make a healthy income comes from building a productive team of Xooma distributors,discount christian louboutin 2012, so now knowing that how do you do this?Firstly you will need to sponsor people into the business so in order to do that on a mass scale you need a consistent amount of fresh leads to talk to on a daily basis.I want to introduce you to a way to explode your business and not just have a Xooma hobby on the side, I want you to be able to quit your job and go full-time in your Xooma business as soon as possible and you can’t do that by trying to sponsor your friends and family.So what do you do then if you don’t sponsor your friends and family?The answer quite simply is the internet, you have to learn how to generate leads online that way you don’t limit your business growth to your local area,cheap christian louboutin peep toe pumps uk, you can tap into the worldwide market and take your Xooma business global.There really are a ton of way’s that you can generate leads online and I will give you access to the best online marketing training on the planet to do so at the end of this article,christian louboutin hot red online, but there are two things that you need before you can start generating leads online and they are:1 – Auto-ResponderYou need an auto-responder so you can store your leads details in order to follow up with them and you can also market to them for the rest of time, that is another article within itself.2 – Lead Capture PageA lead capture page is basically a one page website designed solely to capture your prospects details,discount christian louboutin flats uk.This is just a very basic explanation of the strategy that you need to use in order to explode your Xooma business but the main goal I set out to achieve with this article is to open your eyes to what you need to be focusing on in order to build a massive team of Xooma distributors and it’s not by trying to sponsor your friends and family.This is just the first piece of the puzzle because now that you are sponsoring people it is time to train your team in order to create massive duplication within your team, this is the fastest way that you will create a full time income with your Xooma business.The easiest way to train the people you sponsor is by plugging them into a marketing system that will do the training for you and I would highly recommend My Lead System Pro.As of today I want you to see the bigger picture, I want you to get excited at the true potential that you have with your Xooma business and I want you to start learning how to harness the power of the internet to explode your business to the next level!

discount christian louboutin hot red uk 4 Words That Will Kill Your Mojo When Talking to a MLM Prospect

Are you wondering why you are struggling sponsoring people into your network marketing business opportunity while others are making it seem so easy?More than likely your issue boils down to one of three issues all network marketers face at one time or another. Marketing, lack of a real system, and knowing what to say and how to talk to prospects,christian louboutin evening uk. Fortunately for you we are going to focus on one area that you can fix today so you won’t have that problem ever again.When it comes to MLM prospecting your job is to BE the authority in the conversation/relationship. As you become the expert in your prospects eyes recruiting will become effortless. Don’t ever believe that this can’t be done.Most people that are in network marketing repel potential business partners away by throwing up, hounding,uk christian louboutin sandals, harassing, and being so desperate. Trust me I was in your shoes before and its not a good feeling. The great thing is that I am going to identify 4 words that you want to avoid saying so it won’t destroy your chances of sponsoring more MLM reps.When its all said and done you will be empowered with such confidence that your POSTURE will be on steroids. On a side note, posturing,cheap christian louboutin daffodil, positioning, or whatever you want to call it is not about faking it till you make it. It’s all about being confident in who you are becoming which is a top producer. Keep these principles in mind WHENEVER you are communicating with a prospect via phone, email, etc.The 4 Deadly WordsPlease- This gives the idea that you are begging. Never ever ever say please because you will seem sooooo desperate.Thank You- Since you are providing so much value in their life with your business opportunity they should feel so gracious.Sorry- Top producers don’t apologize to their prospects,discount christian louboutin hot red uk. The power is in your possession not theirs. You know more than them (or should) so what do you have to apologize for.Just- Diminishes importance and value of what you are saying, doing, or offering. Don’t ever forget you are the ROCKSTAR that people should be begging to be around.Now that you know what words to avoid saying put it into practice. At first it may seem difficult. But once you get it done pat its a cinch,cheap christian louboutin ankle boots uk. You will be amazed at how simple it will be to sponsor more reps in your network marketing business without breaking a sweat.

cheap christian louboutin daffodil Network Marketing Could Be the Key to Success in a Sluggish Economy

With many companies laying off massive numbers of people and many more cutting back people’s salaries and hours, the sluggish economy is taking its toll on people’s financial lives. Many people are looking for a way to make an independent income that involves something more than trading hours for dollars,christian louboutin flats store. Network marketing provides people with a structure to build their own business with a proven marketing plan and a commission structure that can lead to financial independence,cheap christian louboutin daffodil.With so many people unemployed, many of them are looking for ways to make money. Network marketing provides an opportunity for people to go into business for themselves. Good network marketing companies have a proven track record and products and services that people want and use. They also have a marketing plan that is already in place and methods for building up a business that have proven successful for other people who have found themselves on the wrong end of a layoff or just want to be more financially independent in uncertain times. Network marketing already provides a built in structure for people to start their own business, and it usually takes only a minimal financial investment to get started. For self-motivated people who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get to work, network marketing can be the perfect way for them to start their own business and gain a level of financial independence that they have dreamed of. While the economy is bad,christian louboutin sneakers online, and people are cutting back on spending,christian louboutin pumps shoes online, there are still opportunities to make money by selling products or services that people still need. A network marketing company that has compelling products and services that people will desire no matter what the economic climate is will propel people to success. If you are willing to take certain steps towards owning your own business,christian louboutin sandals store, and working hard to sell products and recruit people for your downline, you can enjoy the financial freedom that network marketing provides. Many well known success authors laud network marketing as a way for individuals to achieve financial success. They point to companies that are well managed and have a lot of distributor support as being good companies to affiliate with, no matter what the economic climate is. A good network marketing company will support you as you build your business and provide you with all of the information and materials and training that you need to become successful. So if you are looking for a way out of the rat race in these troubled economic times and want to avoid becoming an unemployment statistic, network marketing may just be your ticket to financial independence.