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Imagine waking up instead of rushing getting ready for work, you turn on the computer to check out how many commission or sales you have made last night. Sound interesting, however like every business model, there are plus point and minus point with home business as well,cheap christian louboutin boots. It sounds very simple to know when you heard someone who stays home whole day and still able to spend lavishly on one desire. They are into home business but are it all so smooth-sailing? Let take a look at both side of the coin when running a business from home.The pros of running home business are:1. You are the boss. Therefore no one you answer to except only to your client. You still have more freedom compare to a person work 9 to 5.2,christian louboutin mary jane pumps outlet. You can take risks and develop things that might be termed unconventional,christian louboutin hot red cheap. If you are a creative thinker, being in a home business is just right for you.3. You do not need to invest a lot other than just your computer, an internet connection and working space at home.4. Most of the task can outsource, making you no need to worry about overhead and since they are independent contractor you no need worry about their health insurance example.5. You do not need to apply for leave when you want a break as no one going to asks you how many hours you work per day or how many days you work (unless you have that kind of arrangement with a client).6. You have choice to take your home business as far as you want to and stop it at any particular point. You cannot do that, however, with a company you are working in if it wants to expand beyond what it is now.7. Gone the day when you have to be away from your family and friend as home business now allow you to spend more time with them.The con side of running a home business:1. Unlike in a company when something wrong happen there are a lot of passing the buck. When running a home business you are the fall guy for everything. There is no one whom the fingers will point at but you.2. Outsourcing is great but you have to know about everything that is takes to run a business. Right from setting up to accounting, you need to have the knowledge.3. You have to handle things you normally would not have had to, such as shipping your product to your clients’ addresses, protecting their securities when you take online payments,christian louboutin hot red sale, providing them customer support and such.4. Unless you have a big budget for you home business,cheap christian louboutin wedges sale, marketing you will bare alone. Today home business model operate through the internet. Therefore it wise for you to learn how to leverage the internet to get traffic to your home business website.5. Unlike at the office where there are rule to follow, which in return allowing work to be done. Working from home you tend to be laxer than you normally are. You might lose your dedication and discipline for work forever when you starting working from home.


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