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If you contribute to a blog on a regular basis or you run a blog of your own, set up an email system where your contributors are notified of the latest posts. This is best done through Aweber which is an excellent autoresponder system that also includes an eNewsletter system called Blog Broadcast. It’s easy to set up and lets subscribers know about all the latest blogs that were published on your site. Aweber uses your RSS feed to pull your latest blogs into the blog broadcast and you can schedule each eNewsletter to be sent out on specific days at the time you specify automatically.Offering email notification is smart because when people opt in to be alerted to each new blog, you are also building a list. It also reminds them of your site and will encourage them to come visit. This list is up to date enough that they may not want to receive regular emails or newsletters – as you are posting all that information on the blog. It’s a very good way of building a list and saving a lot of time.Blog Broadcast is a completely hands-off system. You or someone adds a blog on your site,View Post the RSS feed pulls that blog into Aweber blog broadcast, and everyone hears about it via email, you don’t have to do a thing after the initial setup.There is some planning to do though,cheap christian louboutin boots, especially when maintaining your own blog.Post TitlesWhen your subscribers receive their email,cheap christian louboutin men shoes, the header will be the same as your blog post – so choose it wisely. You have to grab the attention of the email recipient, or that notification may end up unread and deleted. Writing snappy and attention-grabbing titles is an art. They should be short and to the point and encourage interest – very hard to do when writing a short title, it does take some practice. Send yourself some of your own emails and decide if you would be interested enough to open them!If you archive or batch your blogs regularly, remember that the subject line of the first post will appear on your email. If this topic is time-sensitive,christian louboutin wedges cheap, make sure it goes out in a timely fashion – you don’t want to be wishing people Happy Mother’s Day the week after, so just be careful when you schedule your posts.Delivery OptionsSome people will like to receive notifications instantly, some daily and others only once a week – they prefer everything from the week’s activity in one email only. You can ask people how often they want to receive email when you set up your Aweber Blog Broadcast. Just by asking it shows you are being considerate of their time.Setting up email notifications this way will keep your list happy. They will also feel that you are doing something extra for them and you understand that their time is precious. By going those few extra steps and splitting up your list you will win more subscribers and cultivate a much more interactive readership. You have gone the extra mile for them, and they will reciprocate.There are many blogs that I have unsubscribed from,cheap christian louboutin platform pumps uk, simply because the blog owner didn’t offer those simple options. I get 150 emails a day on average and I work from home on my computer. If I get emails too frequently from one source and the owner of that source can’t be bothered to put something snappy in his title, guess what. On a day when I can’t take it any longer, I will unsubscribe. That blog owner couldn’t be bothered to be considerate of my needs, so I can’t be bothered with his blog!I use the Blog Broadcast system on this site to send out an eNewsletter once a week, you can subscribe to find out the latest news.



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