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christian louboutin flats outlet How Facebook, LinkedIn MLM Strategies Can Increase Your Online Lead Generation

Implementing Facebook and LinkedIn MLM strategies will help you dominate your MLM opportunity.Have you ever took into consideration for a moment the massive opportunity available to you in regards to leveraging both social and professional networking online?While most people in sales and marketing my have their favorite site such as LinkedIn or Facebook for communicating with others in their niche, I believe that having a presence on both is a winning strategy today and here’s why.LinkedIn – Is the most professional networking site available today. It has over 100 million users, and represents 150 industries worldwide,cheap christian louboutin mary jane pumps. The average LinkedIn user is 41 years of age,christian louboutin flats outlet, with a household median income of $140,000,cheap christian louboutin slingbacks sale, and on average has at least 63 connections. LinkedIn is the fastest growing professional networking site, that allows members to create business contacts, search for jobs,christian louboutin sandals stores, and find potential clients,christian louboutin 2012 shoes. Currently ranked #39 by Alexa.comFacebook: 300.5 million users world wide! Largest social networking site, average use 35 years of age. The best platform for social interaction and quickly becoming a place for business minded people to congregate and mingle. Ranked #2 by and is here to stay!When you combine all of the potential surrounding these two social media platforms, the outcomes are endless.In today’s market having a presence online where people can find you on the Internet is crucial to your overall success. Leveraging both of these mediums maximizes your opportunities, as it allows potential clients to find out more about you, both professionally and personally.People do business with those with whom they like and trust the most. I believe that creating such a presence helps in increasing your social capital, and puts you in front of 400 million decision makers! Do you think that this is a large enough community to find potential clients in your target market? That’s a no brainer!So why is it that some people will choose one platform over the other in regards to lead generation for their business? Could it be because they feel, that Facebook will diminish their professional credibility in the market place?Or perhaps that LinkedIn is geared solely to professional networking?No matter what’s your take on it, lead generation is the heart beat of your business, and will heavily rely on your ability to leverage as many platforms as necessary!Conclusion:LinkedIn and Facebook are 2 powerhouses! LinkedIn is the professional networking king, and Facebook is like going to an online party with all of your friends! Combine the both of them, and you have a winning lead generation strategy. More and more business professionals are using Facebook as a way to connect with people, and are having lots of fun doing so!Doing business with a person who is both professional and sociable is very powerful and helps you stand out from the rest, who vow to be so business oriented and uptight.

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