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During the current consumer confidence, economic and financial uncertainty facing us today, does a business owner continue the same marketing concept, cut marketing dollars or eliminate marketing completely.While I am not recommending eliminating completely marketing, I have become on an hour to hour bases very familiar with pay per click fraud and that many more customers will abandon carts once presented with the choice of spending money. Pay per click cost you the owner regardless of whether the transaction results in a completed sell or not,cheap christian louboutin slingbacks uk.I have monitored my ad budget and watched sells on days that the pay per click were turned on versus days they were turned off. My conclusion is this, the pay per click is not paying for itself in these economic times. Consumers still want to be able to buy as they once did and are not able to do so either out of fear or a change in their economic situation. This does not prevent them from clicking and costing the store ad dollars, however; once that total is in the cart more and more people are asking themselves if it is something they “need” or “want” thus opting to not complete the order.I have decided instead of using those dollars normally spent during the month and passing them on to my customers in the form of markdowns,cheap christian louboutin black pumps, contests and customer loyalty rewards. This not only passes savings on to the customer, but it also allows for the part time shippers that need the hours in the storeroom not to be laid off or hours cut back.The email contact list is revised bi-weekly and the current sale, contest,discount christian louboutin slingbacks, new arrivals are communicated to my current customer base with an incentive to receive more “entries” into the contest by referring customers.I have further expanded my payment options by adding First Data/LinkPoint for those customers that simply did not like the Paypal only option for payment,christian louboutin ankle boots uk. Approximately 30% of sells have utilized the new option since its inception. While there is no way of knowing, I feel that some of those sells may have been lost without the First Data option available. I personally have never had a problem using Paypal, however; there are those people that had expressed their experiences and refused to use it ever again. It is certainly an offering worth exploring.Are sells down? Absolutely, we have done only half the business that we did in January of last year. So, there makes no sense to me to spend more on marketing that the profit in your sells. Instead, take less of a profit, keep your workers employed and buy less inventory.The online retailers are in a much better position to survive than the brick and mortar stores due to our overhead being manageable,christian louboutin slingbacks.Doing the same thing over and over and expecting the results we had a year ago is nothing less than insanity.

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