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christian louboutin men shoes sale How Do I Begin a Home Based Business- – My Third Week, Part 5

Writing Press Releases and Articles  In the third week of my home based business, I had my desk area set up, my marketing system set up, my social networking accounts set up, and my computer system up and running properly, so I worked on advertising via press releases and articles and on further educating myself.   It took me quite a bit of effort and probably 8 hours to develop and publish my first press release. I knew it would get much easier and quicker, but I knew that I had to get over the learning curve of how to do it, and not just avoid it because it seemed like a hard thing to do. In order to help myself learn how to write these, I read several other press releases.  I also carefully reviewed some guidelines for writing them provided by the organization I joined as well as the press release websites. I learned that you can do a free press release,christian louboutin peep toe pumps, but that it won’t get very far and wide into the public as much as a paid press release will get,cheap christian louboutin mary jane pumps uk, so I decided to do a paid press release, but I picked the least expensive option. I started to gather and save all of the receipts (many of them e-mail receipts that I printed off) into a special folder to have them all ready for tax purposes for business deductions.    Then I needed to think about what articles I could write. When just beginning, this was a difficult task, and I felt as if I were back in grade school with a writing assignment and a writer’s mental block. I had written many letters to my friends over the years,cheap christian louboutin sandals, many of them very lengthy, so I knew I could write, but those words were effortless because I had so much to say, and this assignment seemed somewhat artificial and more difficult to form something of value to many people out on the internet. Once again, I looked for articles to read, to get ideas of interesting subjects, and to get a better feeling of what seemed like a good fit for me to write about. I also listened to many Q/A calls from the organization I joined which helped to give me ideas. Some of the ideas they mentioned to write about were: book reviews, how to’s about anything (better if it relates to internet marketing), my own experiences, my background, things I have learned, and so on. It took about a week for me to digest all of the input I was gathering about it, but an analogy given on a call I listened to really impacted me to just start writing and stop analyzing. It was, “You can get a 500 page book about how to ride a bike and read it start to finish, you can watch videos on YouTube about how to ride a bike, you can read a number of articles on how to ride a bike, but you won’t really succeed at riding a bike until you get up on it and practice, expecting to fall a few times until it gets easier.” Since I was having so much difficulty this week in figuring out what to write about,christian louboutin men shoes sale, I got the idea for this series about my experiences in beginning my home business, since I figured other people would be either wondering what it was like to begin a business or having the same struggles that I was having and would appreciate a chance to compare their progress to mine. It was interesting to note, that after I got the idea for this series, then the articles just flowed out of me pretty quickly. After all,christian louboutin boots outlet, I had been taking careful notes in the first month of my daily progress in my home business, so I had all of the information I needed to write this series and didn’t just have to rely on my memory.  It just took the first article to get a better feeling of what to write about before the rest started to spill out much more effortlessly. I also grew an understanding that many things that happened in any given day could be turned into an article, particularly if they were informative or could be used as an analogy for something that would add value. This changed my mindset from wondering what I could write about to being more aware of what went on during my day, evaluating various activities as they happened with the question of if this was something that I could write about that would add value. After my mindset changed, the writing became so much easier.  



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