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Entering into the world of party plan may seem like a dream job; just head over to your hostesses home, talk about a product that you believe in and enjoy yourself for an hour or two. Then just collect the orders and it’s the easiest money you’ve made in a long time! Or is it?While starting a home party plan business is becoming more and more popular,cheap christian louboutin men shoes sale, especially with stay at home moms, there are a few things to consider before embarking on your new career.Which company to joinThere are many different types of party plan companies to choose from starting with the ever popular Tupperware down to smaller companies specialising in skincare, jewellery,christian louboutin hot red stores, scrapbooking or even children’s clothing.There are even companies that sell adult products and lingerie for someone looking for a business that’s a little different that the normal party.The most important thing to consider when choosing a company is to choose one with products that you yourself use and love as this will make it easier when selling the items to other people.Joining kitMost companies require you to purchase a kit full of sample or demonstration products to begin with,discount christian louboutin wedges. Often these kits will contain a selection of the most popular or best selling range of products along with brochures, training materials, order forms and flyers to help you start your business. These kits can range in price from $20 all the way up to $1000, so make sure you know the price of the kit upfront so you are not caught unaware.Many companies also require that you hold a certain amount of parties to help offset the cost of joining, although others, don’t require it and you are able to just purchase the kit for yourself to get an account with the company and buy your products direct at a discount if you choose to,christian louboutin rolando pumps store.Catalogue Selling vs PartiesMany consultants have great success just selling from the company brochures rather than holding parties, and this method of direct sales is even encouraged with companies such as Avon which is known more for its catalogue selling method,discount christian louboutin men shoes.How much money can you make?Which each party plan business is different, it is not unusual to find some of the bigger names offering great commission rates and incentives such as holidays, cars and cash bonuses for their successful consultants. In fact it can be easier and faster to get to the top levels of a party plan company and get a company car and all expenses paid holiday than it is to climb the corporate ladder in the real world.The main benefit of having your own party plan business is that you are in control and can choose your own hours and methods of running your business – which is why it is such a popular career choice for many women – especially those choosing to stay home to look after their families.

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