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Rain Nutrition is the latest business opportunity based in the multilevel marketing of health and wellness industry, technology and home products to hit the market. As of now the company is just ending its first full year in late April. The company believes its opportunity and products could change your financial future and the landscape of the health and wellness industry…so can they?Rain nutrition was created by Chad Christofferson and a team of 6 other entrepreneurs and as of now is still in first year and is a month away from opening its doors to other products. There are 5 main products with the opportunity with Rain. The first is a urine kit for testing and evaluating what your body is currently lacking nutritionally,cheap christian louboutin pumps shoes. The second is a nutrient/vitamin supplement called Pure which is claimed to help fight against illness through fighting bacteria in our system. The remaining products are nutritional energy drinks each with its own flavor and desired effect for your healthThe opportunity is based in the network marketing industry and marketing to your warm market will be involved at first. The compensation plan is comparable with other multilevel marketing businesses on the market. The first of the 7 bonus levels is of course in the retail sales which is the difference between the wholesale price and the suggested retail price. The remaining 6 bonus levels are based upon a personal volume (PV) and team commissionable volume. The volume is based upon the individual whose members not only order themselves, but create new and ongoing sales through each required period,christian louboutin pumps sale.To start a business opportunity with Rain it will come at only the cost of the first order of the product pack,christian louboutin mary jane pumps sale. The product packs do vary in price with the highest being in the range of $500 dollars for a complete pack of the nutritional drinks, supplements and urine kit. There are a few tools such as business cards, apparel, DVD’s and brochures at a cost to you to aid your marketing. The system is built on multilevel and network marketing which entails the new member to start marketing to friends and family members.The health and wellness multilevel marketing industry is a highly saturated industry and it will be necessary to learn how to brand “yourself” as a leader quickly,christian louboutin peep toe pumps store. Learning to market online the products and the opportunity could help to build your down line faster and more effectively. Please ask your sponsor however about marketing on the Internet as some companies have strict guidelines that prohibit some strategies and or, prohibit any online marketing at all. It is always important to do your due diligence completely before joining any business opportunity. Rain Nutrition does have some quality products,christian louboutin hot red sale uk, although the compensation plan is typical of the industry and would require scores if not hundreds of individuals in your down line to create a substantial work from home status. So will Rain Nutrition change the landscape of this industry? At this point with the economic times we are faced with…it will be hard to tell.

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