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Many network marketers feel that it is better to sponsor a “rookie”network marketer than to try and recruit a “seasoned” network marketer for their MLM company.The argument for only recruiting inexperienced multilevel marketers for your MLM company has some validity, just like the argument from those who suggest that only experienced direct sellers are best suited for MLM success.There are some compelling reasons for why only recruiting “rookie” direct sellers is best for your MLM company. Here are four reasons:[1] The new network marketer has no bad habits to break. This is often the problem with people that are being recruited, who have been involved in the MLM industry. They often are not coachable, thinking that they can operate the business their way. The new network marketer will often soak up new knowledge regarding their direct sales company with open arms.[2] The new multilevel marketer often times enters the organization with a welcome energy, that penetrates into the organization, causing synergy.[3] The “rookie” direct sales marketer, many times will recruit and sponsor new recruits,christian louboutin hot red sale, without reservation,christian louboutin evening stores. They will not “cherry pick”— that is guessing who might be the new “hot” prospect to join their business.[4] The new network marketer will often have a story to tell with regard to his getting started in the MLM industry, with no previous experience. This news is a positive sign to any one coming into the industry,christian louboutin men shoes store. It signifies to the “newbie”that they can come into the industry without experience and succeed.So, as you can see,christian louboutin pumps shoes sale, there are some really compelling reasons why you would want to invite inexperienced direct sellers into your MLM company. They can bring a new energy to the company that could help your MLM company’s bottom line,christian louboutin rolando pumps cheap.

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